Not another giant.

A small company. That tries to take great responsibility.

This is Elfvinge

Elfvinge is a brand for passionate creatives all around the globe. Our aspiration is to connect joy in what you do with cases that store your essentials for innovation, wherever you go. As students at an internationally top 100 ranked University, trying to be creative is pretty much all we do, from dawn to dusk.

In the midst of an era where massive online discounters dictate terms and somewhat fail to protect brands as well as the environment by encouraging to consumption rather than focus on long-lasting products, we thought: let’s create something that not only is what we need ourselves but also is environment-friendly and becomes more good-looking over time.

We are working hard to craft unique products that last for years, and at the same time raise the bar in e-commerce way of doing business by advocating organic materials benefiting of patina. Old is always better. Did we mention that our CEO still carries his laptop in one of our first prototypes ever made?

Elfvinge’s wool

Elfvinge has its roots in the sheep’s wool. In a time when much natural material is not fully utilized, the idea to Elfvinge was born. Since then, we have developed a number of products in felt, which is simply explained made out of compressed sheep wool. Would you like to know more about the wool and our processing? Welcome, our ambition is to be fully transparent. Visit the page about Wool to read more.