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At Elfvinge we try to be as accessible as possible. You will easily get in touch with us by mail, either through the form here on the website or at info [at] You can also seek contact with us at our social media channels. You can find Elfvinge on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Frequently asked questions 

If you are looking for quick answers, we recommend that you first look through our FAQ page, where you will find the answers to the most common questions. There may be questions about our products, wool, shipping, payment terms, what data we collect or our handling of personal data.


We are working to make our products more easily accessible even in physical stores. Take a look at our dealers, which is shown at the bottom of the About Elfvinge page. Do you have an idea where our cases should be accessible? Do not hesitate to contact us. Are you interested in becoming a reseller? Welcome to contact us.


It easily becomes overwhelming regarding information on, for example, GDPR-related issues, shipping terms and the like. Sometimes it can even be difficult to find a company’s policies. At Elvinge you will find them in the footer, both Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

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